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tv   Headline News  RT  September 14, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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well hannah. russia and the u.s. agree how to remove syria's chemical weapons giving it a week to provide a list. of. the un security council can decide on punishment but not complying. fear of a western intervention from to the mass exodus of syrians to the e.u. where those hiding from war meet the cynicism of the taxpayers funding the safety i . saw reporting the light at the end of the tunnel for the crisis stricken eurozone but fresh bailouts missed deadlines and overwhelming debt threaten to suck it back into the financial. top stories this hour.
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live from our studio center here in moscow where it's just turned ten pm this is with international news and comment. russia and the u.s. have agreed on proposals to remove and destroy syria's chemical weapons arsenal it's hoped it could also give some impetus to the stalled attempts to find a peaceful end to the vicious civil conflict foreign minister sergey lavrov and secretary of state john kerry outlined a six point plan under which damascus would hand over its chemical stockpiles now the outline will first have to be approved by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons in syria will now have a week to provide the u.n. with a complete list of its stockpiles so-called extraordinary procedures under the chemical weapons convention could be used to destroy the arsenal meanwhile all sides including rebel groups have been told they will be responsible for the safety of
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the international inspectors and they will have to provide free access to those sites where the ultimate aim is the complete removal or elimination of all of syria's chemical weapons if any in the side conflict of any side in the conflict fails to comply with the proposed plan then the u.n. charter chapter seven could then come into effect essentially allowing the use of force has been following the negotiations. the press conference here in geneva kicked up mother unconventionally with sergei lavrov strolling in sitting in amongst the forces chancing about the weather to them and clearly waiting for john kerry to show up but after three days of tense negotiations a deal had been struck to my second staunch one week in which to provide information on its chemical weapons stockpiles and their often they must allow unfettered access to weapons inspectors from the organization for the prevention of
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chemical weapons now in terms of the timeframe well the on site inspections have to be completed by november and finally the total elimination of syria's chemical weapons comes to take place in the past month and to see if you surely do not feel like the lehman summit out of hand well then chapter seven of the un security council could be applied and we can take a listen to both john kerry and sergey lavrov speaking about that in a little more detail now there can be no games no room for avoidance or anything less than full compliance by the regime in the event of noncompliance we have committed to impose measures under chapter seven within the u.n. security council after that. we expect full compliance with the requirements the organization for the prohibits shewn of chemical weapons imposes
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and if they are not met or somebody uses chemical weapons the u.n. security council will take measures in accordance with chapter seven of the u.n. charter. of course this does not mean that every time a violation is reported actions will be taken automatically will first have to verify and review such reports directly because there are a lot of fabrications along these surrounding this issue and we have to be very careful of speaking to journalists john kerry said how shallow was a willingness to comply with the agreement will be put to the test quickly and if he fails well then the threat of force could be back on the table and that the u.s. president retains the right to defend the u.s. and its interests regardless even. on the same time that. the syrian army has you physically checked to defeat major saying that it doesn't run the syrian opposition because they have any chemical weapons but during the past
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month john kerry made a number precedented admission that syrian rebels should have access to chemical weapons as well another interesting point was made by sergey lavrov who said that the video of banky moon or should he say that bash our us out is guilty of crimes against humanity but that was in fact a video montage taken out of context and released right in the middle of these extremely tense negotiations was and ultimately there john kerry and sergey lavrov at least that they were able to come up with a deal here in geneva they spoke of how well the u.s. and russia can work together when there is a mix of real and said that they are new to the sixty four asia needed to. start looking at not just here. but also a peaceful end to the civil war has now at least off to return days of talks here in geneva a military strike by the u.s. against syria has been
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a passage which infringes on leverage. let's further discuss the russia us agreement on ridding syria of chemical weapons with richard. becky he's antiwar activists with the international coalition he joins me live now from san francisco richard a lot seems to have been achieved in a very good time people of course will be also one earth have any of this been achieved before now. well i think that we can see that the u.s. government very quickly grabbed the opportunity to find a way out of a very kind for them a very contradictory situation and we should recall that just two weeks ago it looked like military action was imminent we were in the streets then say we were had been expecting. the obama administration and president obama would be announcing that they have a military strike now instead it was going to congress and when that didn't work
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and in fact. secretary of state kerry became more and more isolated they jumped at the opportunity to find a way at least temporarily out of the situation when the foreign minister sergey lavrov made the proposal one day so they i want to very quickly put this on the back burner at this point despite all the bluster and the kind of arrogant talk that we hear from secretary of state kerry they suffered a very serious setback and what their plans were to go to war to launch military strikes against syria and now have moved very quickly to try to have some resolution of this issue as i say at least on a temporary basis and has a bomb just just very recently making a tough stand by saying even if these very very delicate intense negotiations saying look if they don't comply we will resort to military intervention what how
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helpful is that sort of talk to it's already been agreed as i say off to very very tough negotiations. well i think that that's. actually more of the spin to try to protect the image of the president and the and the administration. trying to look tough well they they tried to look tough and they found themselves extremely isolated because of the tremendous opposition to a new u.s. war in the middle east from around the world and from inside the united states very pervasive. opposition to this and they despite all the propaganda. the huge p.r. effort that they wield out beginning about three weeks ago they were unable to shift that there or to break down the opposition so really this was a kind of a great opportunity presented to them what sergey lavrov presented
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a last monday but at the same time as wanting to grasp but very quickly they also do not want to look weak but clearly they want out of a very difficult and very contradictory situation that they found themselves in but none of this is actually going to win the conflict is it more innocent people are going to die and the end goal is for a peaceful settlement in syria and yet despite the cooperation we've seen between russia and moscow there are a major divisions over that ultimate goal and that. yes there are major and you know the united states policy consist of different elements which include the sanctions which hurt the people there arming and finding. training the so-called free syrian army and coordinating the intervention of other countries saudi arabia qatar turkey in this war against the government of syria and because really what the objective of
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the united states is is to bring about regime change regardless of the fact that they have been deterred from an immediate military strike that remains their objective clearly is the objective all right and clearly the opposition in. syria you're talking about the opposition there is a host of disagreement exactly they oppose this agreement because they can't win without for an interview without u.s. intervention so is it really seriously significant that the free syrian army for example have rejected this initiative to rid assad all the chemical weapons what will be a major stumbling block or not well i don't think that we know i mean i think that they want the agreement to fail they didn't want the agreement at all and for the reason i was just referring to is that they cannot win they cannot achieve victory without the intervention of the u.s.
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and perhaps other other nato allies on their own to win and that's why they were so ardently hoping for military strikes massive military strikes by the united states against the government forces. for sure but i thank you very much indeed antiwar activist a member of the steering committee for the international it's a coalition live in all tikrit to have thoughts thank you. well to discuss the possible next steps for the u.s. and syria with former u.n. ambassador thomas pickering here is a preview of the full interview coming up sunday it seems that american diplomats may start with their relatively flexible position but they lose patience fairly quickly and almost invariably start that looting to the military option look i understand there's a deep concern and i support this changing political relationships through the use of military force doesn't work very well it didn't work for me well in the cold war
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it has not worked very well in the post cold war period and i am very concerned that a fascination in my country over the last ten years on the use of military force has undermined diplomacy i would like to play something that you personally have to say in the aftermath of the iraq war. if i had a choice between the last decade with our invasion of iraq and saddam. the alternative i think it's probably a close run thing but i could live with saddam thank you very much do you think america could leave. but i think it would be very hard.
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and more checks on a book as well as the plot in full starting on sunday on t. the threat of the u.s. and its allies intervening with a wave of airstrikes for syrians to flee in their files and europe's learned that firsthand in the last twenty four hours alone several boats carrying more than eight hundred refugees were saved from sinking in the mediterranean and brought to shore peter oliver in germany reports on the mixed feelings of the new arrivals. here in europe we may be far away from the fighting in syria however the effects of violence are being seen in the form of tens of thousands of refugees flocking here to seek asylum just this last week the first of five thousand refugees arrived here in germany as part of a new settlement program however there are those within europe that say that the e.u. governments must bear some responsibility for these people having to flee the problem
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is the e.u. governments continue to support the rebels including the german intelligence and covertly and other ways i think it's completely cynical of germany to pretend to be this humanitarian receptor of five thousand refugees at the same time they're poor in aid let's stop the the reason that people are leaving their homes they don't leave it willingly with over two million people already having been displaced syria's neighbors are overwhelmed by the deluge of days fleeing for their lives that means that they seeking sanctuary having to look further afield towards countries in the balkans that can ill afford to have thousands of refugees turning up according to some politicians here will continue with sort of a deal our government opens up the door it's five thousand and fifty thousand and more and more of our cities like liver can and can't finance that we are broke it's not germany's responsibility to solve the problems of the arab world with our taxes and there's also concern that allowing these people access to europe could see the
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syria crisis being imported here is the goal to get by we are worried that those germans that went there to fight assad will come back here trained in terror and live here amongst us like taken time on it's just a matter of time before a train station would be blown up we demand that our security services stop then returning as more people flee their homes the refugee crisis is one that set to continue for a long time. twenty four hours a day coming away right after this break look at the turbulence in the european economy. technology innovation. developments from around russia. covered. motion security.
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issues that no one with big that. says from. politics. more news today. these are the images. from the streets of canada. operations are. these continues here naughty recent figures suggest europe is slowly recovering
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from its economic crisis but some financial remain above the eurozone greece may need billions more in bailout money to prevent collapse and the portuguese government is panicking of a missed payment deadlines another concern is the consequences of a proposed european banking union giving brussels the power any bank on the continent. has more. these days may be calmer for europe be able to june period saw the eurozone come out of recession after the longest period of economic misery since records began back in one thousand nine hundred five but the crisis is far from over and the cost in millions of lost jobs and economic stress remains a major concern economic recovery is at best fragile now output from the euro zone's factories had fallen by a much more than expected in july unemployment remains a dramatic levels and some of the southern countries what's more a number of members and nations still are struggling to balance their finances
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raising fears that more bailouts will be needed in the future now while more loans have been ruled out for the moment bailouts were still very much at the top of the agenda at the recent meeting of euro zone ministers let's take a closer look at where the actual concerns lie today bailed out twice and still not in the clear greece is likely to need another ten billion euros just in order to bolster its finances but elections in germany mean that help isn't likely to come anytime soon voters in the blocks most powerful economy have grown tired of taxpayer funded rescues and problems in greece spell trouble for cyprus the two countries are intricately linked by history as well as common economic grounds cyprus was bailed out earlier this year for some ten billion euros but new data shows that its economy is shrinking to the world level since the one nine hundred seventy s. raising the possibility that if greece does ask for more cash cyprus may not be far
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behind and asking for help now ireland may be exiting the bailout program at the end of the year but the country is also in line for euro zone aid now its finance minister has suggested a credit line of ten billion euros this is to serve as what he calls a backstop to give confidence to investors moving on to portugal that country faces a bumpy ride the country was set to end its bailout program in the middle of next year but that was before parts of the rescue were actually ruled illegal now officials in lisbon must scramble to find other ways of balancing the books. and now new worries with slovenia falling from economic grace billions of euros in bad loans make the country a candidate for euro zone bailout number five now that country has been in recession since last year and it's been scrambling to fix its banking center for now euro zone finance ministers insist that slovenia will need a bailout but the country has a long haul ahead before it's in the clear so when it comes to improvements in the
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eurozone economy better hold off on the champagne at least for now. moscow. well tens of thousands of union workers have stage a massive anti-government protest in poland's capital people they're angry over to see a sharp downturn in the economy and there have been three days of protest with unions accusing the prime minister of ignoring them unemployment and thirteen percent in other parts of europe it's even higher in greece the jobless numbers are got steadily worse for two and a half years and in spain over twenty six percent of people. but it's the imminent election in germany which could decide how you're doing with its problems of all to use more smith reports. it could be make or break for the euro as the german election approaches europe's a region still stuck in recession with outbreaks of social unrest and some believe the outcome of the election could be a catalyst. i've been speaking to klaus the former president of the czech republic
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capital markets conference here in london he compares the european project to communism and says the time is now for the people of individual european countries to stand up and say the emperor has no clothes. sees that it's impossible to continue. radical change. fundamental transition fundamental transformation something we in over parts of europe in east central and eastern europe experienced two decades ago. to do the same and how likely is it do you think that this will stand. question is. started to really.
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come from brussels clouston visit to europe as a conglomerate for an independent nation. and he's found common ground with you kids nigel. we have got two hundred fifty one days until the european election that takes place across the whole of europe that is the opportunity politically to cause an earthquake you know lobbying is important intelligence briefings are important argumentations important but in the end the thing that changes politics is the way people vote and i think these european elections are a major opportunity right across the continent of europe to spark something that leads to referendums that leads to rule change. and farage is found recognition from a most unlikely source jose manuel barroso the european commission president says you kip could become the primary force in british politics implying david cameron's jumped on the bandwagon if you keep the euro skepticism just to win though both
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arrows and klaus agree that the time is right for a fundamental decision should the eurozone limp along propped up by folding or should there be a return to an economic rationale and a europe based on intergovernmental cooperation rather than integration. with reporting there israel attracts millions every year the tourist industry remains strong despite war in neighboring syria instability in egypt and conflict with the palestinians those are just some of the dangers facing visitors to the holy land especially female ones. reports. the middle east is known for many things it's had more than its fair share of war and terror it has blistering sun and cool desert nights it is home to the mosquitoes the jellyfish and the scarring cockroach but the deadliest species of war may just be the middle east a male could it be the chemical makeup of the whole most humble tricky one thing
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certain fallen woman in for a shock they go after what they want and they're not afraid to just come up to you and talk to you in tell you what they think about you probably because they have confidence they take care of themselves too operators know only too well the dangers of vast cultural differences packaged into the orientation speech is a clear warnings of how to deal with the macho israeli male the advice reads like a grocery list don't be surprised if they take your number but have a regular girlfriend day by choosing to do you suppose one day she says and it means nothing in the program initiation along with advice on sunscreen signs of interest and we can hikes rachel remembers this morning about meeting you kind of have to be prepared that they're expecting something that you may not be like willing to reciprocate so they told us to be very straight forward from the beginning if you're not interested say now be really forceful about it that sort of thing it's not i don't live vice these masons are put to the test and forced to
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take it to ma for example the twenty seven year old undercover agent is paid to work his magic not in some hostile in the state but on television don's forwards through boarding offices are open stupid and. really easy conversation to talk about but with the extra. i just left with her there's half a dozen amateur guides posted online on how to date a news radio men their best advice to give up on the fairy tale prince on a white horse the mentality is so different so i was growing and sometimes. it's even. i mean it's outgoing to the point where people assert themselves too much but even the all in taishan speech and words of warning don't always soften the experience this guy just started talking to us and he started telling me how beautiful i was and all the software i mean it's fine but then all the sudden he's like can i kiss you and i was like yeah
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thanks that or at least be more forgiving i don't think that it's necessarily there far think being forced to be in the army at the age of eighteen makes a very different lifestyle for them as opposed to marriage in eighteen year olds honestly it's just kind of about treating them like anyone else and i mean i guess they can be aggressive but if you're just stop yourself that's been part of the fun of traveling is finding it out all for oneself which is why i'm at the flexing biceps on telegrams beaches and the me and naked suntan bodies a few cheap pick up lines and an aggressive attitude can seem a small price to pay for gold and some one hundred day. television. news with me in the team and just have a half an hour from now in the meantime off to the brink and looks at accusations washington is trying to gag the freedom of the press this is all to life in moscow .
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wealthy british style it's time to. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report. on the on the on the policies i think you.
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should have you with us here on t.v. today i roll researcher. of the the. guys i'm out in martin welcome to breaking the set we're living in a time where investigative journalism is under attack and now lawmakers on the hill are debating a serious question what defines a journalist if you have to be o.j. was caught scandalously hacking a few phone records to uncover their sources congress isn't working on a media shield law oh protect journalists from being forced to reveal their sources and testify under oath while some senators argue that this coveted title belongs
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only to someone who is employed by a giant corporate conglomerate others are trying to ensure that bloggers freelancers and basically anyone who provides news and be afforded the same protection under the legislation a compromise that pushed the bill out of committee define the term as someone who has a strong relationship with a media outlet within the past twenty years sound vague about the problem the bill is totally open to interpretation and under this compromise important organizations like wiki leaks are left out which means their sources are still fair game for prosecution by the d.o.j. so if you think this media shield law needs to be revised to protect all journalists for the sake of transparency and join me and let's break the set. the peace of the people of the state was terrible and very hard to take the stance against that so long as the club has never had sex with other.


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